Your first live casino experience
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Your first live casino experience

As an ex-croupier, poker player at m88, and card counter then I am fully aware of the type of atmosphere that a live casino has. There is really nothing to beat that and even if you go to a live casino and never play in the actual gaming area, you will still marvel at the unique atmosphere of the place. There are a multitude of personalities at large but if you thought that a live casino was full of hardened gamblers then you couldn’t be more wrong.

A live casino will not just have the gaming floor, it will also have a bar area (some have several), a restaurant, rest area, TV lounge and even a live show. So even if you don’t like the thought of risking money, seeing other people risk money is just as entertaining and a live casino offers you that opportunity. Many people believe a live casino to be intimidating but the reality is far from the truth.

However because people usually go there to gamble and to have a good time then all of the usual dangers that are associated with night time activity are present. Whether it is arguments fuelled by alcohol or going home on your own late at night or whatever, a live casino is really not all that much different to a nightclub. In my ten years as a croupier and supervisor inside a live casino then I could count the number of times that we had some sort of trouble on the fingers of one hand (well perhaps two).

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